We Are 16K

Welcome to 16,000 Strong. We are a Boston University student-run campaign created to foster a movement against sexual assault and violence. As 16,000 Strong, we strive to create a safer and united community in which it is clear that sexual harassment and assault will not be tolerated. To achieve our goal, we strive to increase student awareness about sexual assault prevention and work to hold Boston University and it’s policies to the same moral standard of protecting everyone from the threat of sexual assault.

Founded in October of 2014, 16,000 Strong established three major pillars that would encompass the backbone of their mission – to educate, empower and unite. Since that pivotal moment, this organization’s veteran and new members continue to remain a vigilant and ever-growing powerhouse of student voices working towards eradicating sexual assault on our campus and ensuring a safe environment for growing and learning for every student.

With new educational workshops, survivor empowerment programs, and new initiatives each year, 16,000 Strong is invested in increasing its impact on how sexual assault can be prevented and how survivors can be uplifted by those surrounding them. But we can not do this alone. Your support as a student, faculty member, or alum is fundamental to our success now and in the near future.

We ask you to join us. Sign our pledge and join us in preventing sexual assault at BU.